Our capabilities

These capabilities enable us to deliver and excel in our services to our clients:

•  Leading Knowledge of Design Techniques

At HSP, we pride ourselves in keeping up to date with modern design concepts and materials, through using industry leading computer design programmes within all of our disciplines. We also take pride in advancing our engineering skills by ensuring all staff have the opportunity to enrol on a number of accredited courses throughout the year within their specialist field. 

In addition to being a leader in construction design, we take great pride in attending property and construction events in addition to hosting a number of seminars within the office for the purpose of continuing professional development and to ensure HSP provides Creative Value Engineering Solutions to all challenging projects. 

• Communication with Clients

As a company, we appreciate that collaboration in modern construction and engineering is more important today than ever. Therefore, within our teams, we work closely with both the contractor and client, in addition to the local planning and highway authority so as to formulate the most cost effective and appropriate solutions to the many challenges faced on projects.

In addition to developing productive relationships with external parties, we also take great pride in developing a holistic approach to all projects, with extensive communication between the four teams in one regional office. Productive and close communication amongst the teams allow for great efficiency, and also provide cost savings to the client by ensuring designs proposed are not abortive. 

• Collaboration and Relationship Building

As a company, we place a high emphasis on nurturing long term relationships with both the client and also the design team of the proposals (Architects, Contractors and external parties) so as to ensure the design proposed is universally in line with requirements. 

In addition to placing an emphasis on communication and collaboration with the design team, we also have productive working relationships with the local planning and highway authority, which allow us to ensure that the design and technical documentation prepared is in line with planning policy and design standards.

• On-site Experience

At HSP, we appreciate that consulting engineering firms and their staff can often suffer from a lack of on site experience and therefore this can be reflected in the final drawings and technical documentation.

We do our utmost to ensure that all of our engineers have the opportunity to attend on-site visits for all projects, and therefore this ensures that the final submitted documents and drawings accurately reflect the conditions on the ground. 

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