Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering Division has a wealth of experience and expertise in both the private and public sector. Our team offers a professional and individual approach to every project delivering high quality, cost effective solutions with particular emphasis on detailed cut and fill/drainage appraisals, to value engineering projects.

Highway Engineering

Design and approval of new and modified highways including highway structures, drainage and Home Zone Style areas.

Our expertise covers schemes from small elaborate estate roads to major roundabouts and other junctions on national trunk roads. Designs are produced using state of the art 3D highway modelling software and clearly presented on CAD produced drawings.

Independent on site supervision during the construction period.

Water Engineering

With expert knowledge and ability in the field of Water Engineering including Flood Risk Assessments and Drainage Feasibility Studies, HSP provides reports and assessments vital in the planning approval process, including providing solutions that allow the development of sites that are perceived to be undevelopable due to flooding issues.

Drainage Design

Design of both private and adoptable networks using industry leading software to help produce cost effective solutions to current standards.

Attenuation optimisation utilising Sustainable Urban Drainage Solutions (SUDS) in line with current best practice.

Drainage Surveys co-ordinated and supervised to assist design and approval process.

Cut and Fill

Earthwork Strategies and Earthwork Specifications individually tailored to each project to reduce costs whilst providing suitable solutions.

Volumetric Analysis utilising 3D Ground Modelling.

Interpretation of Ground Investigations to aid in producing best value design.

Supervision of works including compaction methods and specialist features like balancing ponds and noise bunds.

External Works Design

Private Construction Specifications optimising construction requirements to ensure best value throughout the design.

Access Appraisals using the latest tracking software and experience to interpret current standards to help facilitate developments.

3D Surfacing Design helps provide clear and accurate solutions assisting in Earthwork Analysis and Drainage Design

Includes all external works including service yards, access ways and car parks.

Value Engineering

With our depth of knowledge, experience and commercial awareness we can often reduce construction costs by delivering efficient solutions through Value Engineering Appraisals of existing proposals and exercising diligence throughout the design process.

Director – Civil Engineering

Associate Director – Civil Engineering

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