New Development: MacDonald’s Drive-Thru Restaurant, Langley Mill, Nottingham

HSP Consulting have recently completed the development of a MacDonald’s Drive-Thru restaurant at Langley Mill, Nottingham.  The project has taken some eighteen months to progress through Planning Permission due to the fact that it is located in a flood plain area and also has complications with regard to the site access.


After a number of detailed meetings and discussions with the Environment Agency, HSP designed the unit on stilts so that it was raised above the flood plain area and allowed water to pass through the Drive-Thru access ramp via large diameter concrete pipes.  A number of specific requirements were agreed with the Environment Agency and subsequently the site was approved by them for construction.

In relation to the highways aspects a recently completed ASDA scheme on the other side of the main highway had incorporated a roundabout solution within the highway which added complications to our site entrance.  However HSP negotiated a number of alterations and adjustments which ultimately led to the highways department approving the scheme.

HSP showed great resolve throughout all of the negotiations on this project which whilst the Planning Authority were keen to see the development of the site the Environment Agency and Highways Department were not keen on the development and it was down to HSP’s tenacious resolve to argue the case that ultimately resulted in its final approval.

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