Minorca Bridge Project

Minorca Bridge, Leicestershire

Work on Minorca Bridge on the 600 acre open cast mining site in Leicestershire is progressing well. The steel deck bridge spanning onto mass concrete foundations taken down via sheet piling onto the firm sandstone rock is on programme and is due to be opened towards the end of February this year.

The bridge has been designed to carry CAT 777D trucks, the largest off highway trucks in the world. These trucks weigh 65 tonnes when empty and can carry approximately 200 tonnes giving a total loading of some 250 tonnes on each vehicle. The trucks are 5 metres high, 5.26 metres wide, 10 metres in length and the wheels are 2.5 metres in height.

Minorca bridge spans across Gilwiskaw Brook and the bridge itself has been fully approved by the Environment Agency.

In addition to the bridge itself, HSP Consulting have provided the reinforced concrete design and details of the crusher plant, the large maintenance and workshop warehouse, the loading docks and platforms, the storm and foul water drainage designs including storage lagoons etc. and the design and details of the reinforced concrete slabs which span across large culverts which the trucks cross on the site highways.

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