Our capabilities

These capabilities enable us to deliver our services to our clients:

•  Knowledge of latest design techniques

Keeping up to date with modern design concepts and materials and also the use of cutting edge computer design programmes through all of our disciplines enable us to deliver cost effective value for money designs.


• Working well with partners

Collaboration in modern construction and engineering is more important today than ever. We work closely alongside contractors as partners enabling us to formulate the most appropriate and cost effective solutions to all of the many challenges faced on projects.
We are strong team members keen to establish strong and lasting bonds with all partners on all projects.


• Value placed on collaboration and relationship building

We place high values in nurturing long term relationships with Clients, Architects and Contractors in order to incorporate their ways of thinking and working into our delivery of all design aspects of the project.


• On-site experience

Consulting engineering firms can often suffer from a lack of on site experience. We do our utmost to ensure that all of our engineers have or gain a broad experience in on-site practice, which can then be applied to ensure the smooth running of the project both in the office and in the field.


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